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Welcome to my website. I write books for children and plays for children and adults.

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This is the island of Esk. Every hundredth child born on Esk has a coloured skin. These special few are sent to study technology, healing, or magic at the Academia. Green-skinned Sorcha is the youngest Spellbinding apprentice ever. She has great ability, although her age and self-important manner set her apart and she is lonely. Her world explodes when Esk is attacked by warlord Rom Baro and his allies the Fey.

By a twist of fate Sorcha’s magic helps capture Rom Baro. Retaliating, the Fey kidnap Sorcha and two other apprentices, a healer and a technician. The Fey threaten they will all be killed unless Rom Baro is released. Against her better judgement Sorcha discovers what can be achieved by working co-operatively. An unlikely friendship develops between the three and they manage to escape. But the Fey are treacherous, especially Drabani-of-the-bones, the Fey black witch. Even the support of the Panthera - warlike giant meerkats -  may not save Sorcha and Esk. 

Drabani prophesies that four will stand against the Fey: one who is wise, one who is foolish, one who is kind and one with royal blood. During her adventures Sorcha will discover which one she is.      

This middle-grade fantasy/adventure is influenced by Emily Rodda's Deltora series.

At the moment it is 29,000 words, but I have yet to write the final chapters. Watch this space!